Courses taught by Dr. Hunter include:

Field Problems in Marine Biology (BIOL 403)
Integrated program of intensive lectures, laboratory experiments, and field research that focus on the biological processes that shape the lives of marine organisms.

Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands (BOT/ZOOL 450)
Geography, geology, climatology, biotic environment of Pacific Basin and Hawaiian Islands; endemism and evolution in terrestrial and marine biota.

Advanced Topics in Marine Biology (BIOL 404)
Current themes in marine biology and experience in scientific assessment.

Marine Option Program Seminar (BIOL 104/IS 100)
Statewide overview of ocean issues and organizations involved with marine activities, management, education, research, and business. Exploration of opportunities for internships, research projects, study and careers. Proposal writing, project implementation, and report preparation guidelines. Orientation to the Marine Option Program.

Corals and Coral Reefs (ZOOL 410)
The biogeography, evolution, ecology, and physiology of corals and coral reefs, and the application of this information to the management of coral reefs. Emphasis will be placed on processes such as dispersal, the evolution and operation of mutualisms, calcification, reproduction, and the maintenance of diversity.