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Cynthia L. Hunter

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Hunter Lab Graduate Students

Mora, Camilo, Frazier, Abby G., Longman, Ryan J., Dacks, Rachel S., Walton, Maya M., Tong, Eric J., Sanchez, Joseph J., Kaiser, Lauren R., Stender, Yuko O., Anderson, James M., Ambrosino, Christine M., Fernandez-Silva, Iria, Giuseffi, Louise M., Giambelluca, Thomas W. (2013) The projected timing of climate departure from recent variability. Nature. 502:183-187

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Dissertations and Theses

Hunter, Cynthia L. (1988) Genotypic diversity and population structure of the Hawaiian reef coral, Porites compressa Ph.D. dissertation. University of Hawaii.

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Technical Reports

Hunter C.L. (1995) Review of status of coral reefs around American Flag Pacific Islands and assessment of need, value, and feasibility of establishing a coral reef fishery management plan for the Western Pacific region. Final Report prepared for Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council.

Hunter C.L., Friedlander, A.M., Magruder W.H., Meier K.Z. (1993) Ofu reef survey baseline assessment and recommendations for long-term monitoring of the proposed National Park, Ofu, American Samoa. Final Report to the National Park Service.

Popular Press and Other Mention

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