About the lab

The main focus of our lab is conservation biology and coral reef ecology; biology and ecology of marine invertebrates (reproduction, genetics, population structure); physiology and molecular biology of cnidarian-algal symbioses; evolutionary genetics; invertebrate systematics; community processes and dynamics; natural history.

Most recently, research in the Hunter Lab has explored and determined ways to inform and improve management of coral reef resources: Characterization of genetic diversity and propagation potential of corals for reef restoration and research. Development of methods and management strategies to control alien algae and restore coral reefs degraded by algal invasions. A recent aspect of this work involves student-led surveys of the distribution and abundance of two NOAA Species of Concern (Montipora dilatata and Lingula reevii) as part of BIOL 403-Field Problems in Marine Biology. Prevalence of coral disease inside and outside of Marine Protected Areas (Maya Walton) Local traditional knowledge and reef health in Fiji (Rachel Dacks)